Monday, September 10, 2007

The Producer Emerges.

Then came Western Australia, many well-known acts and bands where one night he heard a new sound from a group called "Ray Hoff and the Off-beats". He instinctively knew it was something new and would be big. Then back to Melbourne as the start of the Soul era emerged. He found a couple of Melbourne musicians and took the whole shebang back to Hobart for rehearsal and polish. In 1966 “Madison Brass” burst upon the scene and wowed ‘em.

They won the state finals of Hoadleys National Battle of the Sounds three years in a row and appeared at Festival Hall with the likes of the Twilights, The Groove, Masters Apprentices Etc. Recordings of the "Madison Brass" that have survived are many years ahead of their time and even compare well to todays sounds and arrangements- in fact, they have a distinctly unique quality about them.

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