Monday, September 10, 2007

Addressing the Past.

The place in question

As mentioned earlier, Tappys' early days were dominated by domestic and sexual violence and the effect on him was substantial. As he grew older, the pressure on him to address the problem and lessen the distinct and increasing effects on his personal life grew. It had changed a creative, outgoing boy into a very private and defensive character that viewed all people as suspicious. This was quite clearly not the best personal outlook for a potential entertainer and it had taken years for him to emerge as a viable identity in his chosen profession. He summoned all his energy and faith- and tackled the problem in his usual style- Head on!
But when he did, there was of course no stopping him. This brutal and demeaning treatment at the hands of self-declared "Friends and family was never forgotten. In 1998 he initiated Legal proceedings against the Anglican Church of Australia and this matter is still on-going. His expertise in Legal matters had evolved over the years as he faced one challenge after another (Music is fraught with Contract agreements and disagreements) and it became obvious that some knowledge of the Law is essential to any aspiring musician- and also very handy when confronting issues of abuse.

Tappy has written a book about those days, called “THE WALL” and it is about to be published. The startling revelations it contains are sure to make it a hot seller and he spends as much time as possible working with people with similar backgrounds. He finds it remarkable how similar their stories often are to his and plans to write a follow-up effort about the predictable and premeditated nature of such acts.

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