Monday, September 10, 2007

On the Road Again- non stop.

Back to Perth in 1969 where "Madison Brass" recorded a top-selling single, was one of the first Aussie bands to be videotaped in colour, and then off to Port Hedland where he had a sudden and very educational introduction to the mining scene and the accompanying hoo-ha in the local pubs.

The rough-and-tumble of the Pilbara stood him in good stead for the seventies when he fielded the very successful 3 piece pub band Stockade. Ever since that time, Tappy has been recognised as one of our best 3 piece guitarists.

Then it was on to Tamworth where he built a studio, toured with international acts and was special Guest on the awards in 1971 and 1972 as well as guitarist/vocalist at the Tamworth Workmans' Club.

An offer from Sydney saw him at the Texas Tavern in Kings Cross with Phil Emanuel, in the band at many Sydney Clubs and branching out into electro-acoustics and Sound reinforcement. He toured supplying sound and road management for artists like Dick Emery, Stephan Grapelli, Matt Monroe, Hank Snow, Ray Stevens John Farnham and the Russian Spectacular.

Contact Tappy at:
Phone (61) 0449 074 232