Monday, September 10, 2007

The Voice

Tappy has always had a fascination with Radio. As a very small boy (9 yrs old) he appeared as a singer on the Peter's Pals Club at 7HO in Hobart which was a local kids show. From that point on he had the "bug" and by 1966 he had a solid and lasting relationship with various staff members of the Station.

His voice is now heard across the Globe via websites like VOICE123 in New York City and on dozens of Australian Radio Stations. His Character voices are hilarious, provocative and send up everyone from Bob Hawke to Pakistani camel drivers and just about everyone between.

Recently he recorded a series of voice-overs for a resort in Jordan in the Middle East and several American stations carry his voice in one form or another. His wry wit and quick response to callers also make him a favourite on interview and talkback shows.

But even that's not all. Tappy is an accomplished producer and many radio specials (like the one on the Aussie pop band Sherbert he produced in 1977) pop up from time-to-time all over Australia. Recently he has delighted in doing Community Radio in several States and the response to his rather irreverent treatment of both music and interview material has been quite eye (or rather ear) opening.

It's almost as if even at this late stage of his extraordinary career, he has again struck off in a new direction and recently when we were talking about this very subject, he confided to me that one of the big attractions of radio to him is the fact that no equipment has to be lifted and moved. But I said to him "if that is the case, how about Protocol- you will need to carry a P.A. and stuff to do that". In his usual idiosyncratic style he immediately quipped "well, maybe I can steal the Harmonica from Peter".

But he did also add that his approach to radio is the same as any other entertainment medium. "It has to be engaging, bright and breezy and contain material that cannot be heard easily on competing shows or venues". I expressed the opinion that I thought there was very little chance of such a thing.

Tappy has recorded literally thousands of Radio, TV and Film sound tracks and won several awards. There is no mistaking his voice on air or on stage- unless he is using one of his character voices. One thing is for sure- there is a lot of entertaining still to be done by Tappy.

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