Monday, September 10, 2007

You Must Remember This…..

All in all, there will never be another Tappy. Things have changed since he first appeared on the Australian music scene and the opportunities he took advantage of are not there for the new crop of people moving into a volatile and unpredictable entertainment industry.

In fact, it was not an industry at all when he started- but with the
efforts of people like Tappy, it has become one, and indeed, a big one. Australia has many people like him to thank for that.

Against a background of crushing poverty, intimidation and aggression, he rose to be an influential figure. People like Wilbur Wilde, John Farnham, Graeme Russel (air Supply) Colin hay (Men at Work) to name just a very few, owe a great deal to Tappy- maybe these prominent artists and many more of our best would not be where they are but for their accidental meeting with a motivated but somehow introspective guitar player that often took a punt on the talent he saw in others.

Contact Tappy at:
Phone (61) 0428 322709